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[about me]

Born in Van Wert, Ohio nine months after the Blizzard of '78, I have since gone on to be successfully potty trained. Beyond that, it's a blur.

Okay, so maybe I remember a few things. Like the one time in sixth grade when I took my first shot at writing out-of-home advertising with soap on the windows of my elementary school the night before my last day there. To date, the case remains unsolved. But I hope, Principal Dietrich, you've gotten over the mean things I wrote about you.

After that, I led a rather ordinary adolescence. Discovered girls were pretty cool after all. Discovered math beyond algebra and geometry was definitely not. Developed a love for baseball I later abandoned for football, which I continued playing through college. On an 11th-grade whim, I joined my high school newspaper staff. A writer was fully born. Now I write a variety of things: copy that sells products and builds brands...and stories, philosophies and realizations for my first book. A new experience, a little uncertain where exactly it's going, but with a destination (grammar intentionally broken). The road to get there is under construction...that's writing.

When I'm not writing, playing football or fly-fishing (still a relative novice), I'm doing something else. I'd tell you. Really I would. But you'll need to call and ask me.

To all you direct marketers, how's that for a call-to-action?

-AVEB (two middle initials...strange acronym)


Adam Barone is a Boston-area copywriter who writes on-target advertising and marketing materials for companies large and small.

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